About Us

Hi, I’m Renee, the creator behind The Moxie Foxie!
I am a married mother of 3 very energetic boys. My husband works away 80% of the time leaving me in charge of all the craziness, so without my planners, lists and calendars, our house would simply not run. Thankfully though gone are the days of planning being nothing but functional and with stores like The Moxie Foxie our daily planning necessities can be a visual display of our own personality.
I have always been a diary/organiser user and stumbled on the "planner community" when looking for crafting ideas on the wonderful Pinterest. After a year within the community I started planner social media accounts (didn't PLAN for this) and started running our local planner meets group (Planner Switch). Then as a self confessed stationery addict and an avid crafter it was just a natural progression that I combine the two and so The Moxie Foxie was created.
My main aim with The Moxie Foxie is to try to have a gorgeous range of planner bows in a large range of colours always available, because if you are like me and constantly changing planners or wanting accessories to match your seasonal themes then how wonderful to know that there is an online store you can pop on and obtain that perfect colour you are chasing to match. 
I'm sure that I love planning just as much as you do and being a small home based business your orders mean so much to me and it's because of this that I love to see your happy mail and your bows in use so come share them in the VIP group (A Moxie Skulk) or
use hashtags #themoxiefoxie and/or #foxtabulous on Instagram!
Happy Planning!